Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panels

solar panels

Solar panels should be cleaned regularly. You can decide to do it yourself or hire a professional. So, why is it important to clean the solar panels? External and weather factors like the UV rays, wind, rains, and birds dropping cause the solar panels to deteriorate after some time. A simple thing like bird droppings can limit the amount of sun rays reaching the panels. Acid water from acid rain is not good for the solar panels either. Accumulation will result in corrosion and later a damaged solar panel.

Other than cleaning, you must ensure that your solar panels are cleaned and maintained from time to time. If your solar panels are left dirty, probabilities are that they are not inspected as it should happen. Anytime a technician climbs up to inspect the panels; they must clean them. It goes without saying. Take the inspection and cleaning seriously and your panels will serve you longer.

Benefits of Cleaning the Solar Panels

Let us start by asking ourselves a simple question. Are clean solar panels more productive than dirty panels? You would expect a straight yes as an answer, but there have been debates about the same. You see, the main aim of cleaning solar panels is to avoid dirt accumulation. The accumulation over time is what results to dysfunctional panels. If your panel has little dust, it will of course work. But there will be trouble if there is a buildup of debris, mold, dust and other dirt particles. Its absorption levels will go down and hence a reduction in the amount of energy.

Some people argue that the rain will wash away the dirt. Imagine a car that has been on the parking lot for more than six months. Dust and other particles will cover the windscreen. Then it rains. Well, the rain will wash away some dirt but, it would have been cleaner if someone used a cloth to remove all the dirt. The same case applies to solar panels.

Your location determines the frequency of cleaning your panels. If you live in a clean city where there is little dust, then you can wash your panels after two years. If however, you are in the countryside where there are lots of dust and dirt particles, you might be required to clean your panels after six months for efficient energy production.

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