Where To Find Quality Southwestern Style Area Rugs



Is the decorum in your home Southwestern? Do you live in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado or Utah? Perhaps you don’t live in the Southwestern United States but you fell in love with the large art scene and landscapes of the Southwest, and you want to capture the same feeling you had when visiting those places in your home. No matter where you live; art, nature, history and the need for open spaces call to our inner spirit; beckoning us to be free.

How to choose a quality Southwestern area rug

Where is it made?

Southwestern art is uniquely American. If the motif is Southwestern, then made in the USA should be standard. Make sure your area rug is authentically American-made.


When choosing the perfect Southwestern style area rug for your home, the selection is critical. A perfect area rug needs to be the right size, design, and color scheme to match your well-built home. As well as where your rug is made, so is the quality.


Below are four key factors to choosing a well-made, high-quality area rug for your home.


A rug that frays is unattractive. In addition to this, it’s a poor investment. If you intend to pass a vacuum over your rug, then fraying ends won’t do, so durability and craftsmanship are important.

Lay flat design

Every adult over the age of 25 has seen a rug that rolls up on the corners. What a pain in the neck this can be.
After choosing the design that matches your decorum check with the manufacturer for a “Lay Flat Design.”

Stain resistant and easy to clean

A quality rug will resist staining and will also be easy to clean. There are many modern fabrics available today so purchasing a Southwestern style rug does not have to mean treading lightly anymore. A modern day rug needs to be able to stand-up to modern day uses. So choose a rug made with premium modern fibers that will be able to resist stains, clean-up easily and stand up to everyday uses.


rugs Some rugs in the marketplace today also offer anti-microbial properties.

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