Factors To Consider For Your Next Kitchen Design

Resale value and kitchen design

Remodeling a kitchen is often the first big expenditure homeowners will incur when they decide to upgrade their existing homes. There is a reason for this: ever-evolving, cutting-edge design and technology cause kitchens to become obsolete faster than any other room in the home, and an “old-fashioned” kitchen is often the biggest single drawback to marketing your home for a top dollar. But selling your home is far from the only reason to think about remodeling your kitchen.

Kitchen design

The kitchen has taken on a new role

knifesNo longer just a place to cook and serve meals, the kitchen is now, in many cases, the central hub of the Though subjective, kitchen design can make or break the feel of the entire house. A well-designed kitchen will put everyone at ease because of the flow it will have from one kitchen activity to the next.

The kitchen design triangle

Very simplistically, kitchen design is derived from one key element: the kitchen design triangle. It’s very important to consider the arrangement of appliances in your kitchen to best utilize the space and provide a good flow from one activity to the next. The basic kitchen design triangle is this: create a triangle between your refrigerator, your stove and your sink. You never want to place any of these items directly next to each other because it would inhibit your ability to function well in the kitchen. For example, you don’t want your sink right next to your refrigerator because you will want some counter space in between to set things you grab out of the refrigerator or to have a place to dry your dishes.

Personal preferences in kitchen design

Typically, in kitchen design, the dishwasher is placed immediately to the right of the sink. However, you may decide that you would feel more comfortable with it on the left-hand side of your sink because you are left handed and that would provide the best flow for you. When planning your kitchen design, walk around your kitchen and imagine it the way you want it. Plan out where every outlet will be so you don’t end up having to plug your coffee pot in on top of the refrigerator. Map out your kitchen so your new kitchen design will be followed during remodel without a hitch.

Resale value and kitchen design

potatoesThe kitchen is perhaps the single most important aspect people consider when buying a home. A poor kitchen design can leave you without an offer – and stuck with a poorly designed kitchen! Although important, the kitchen design can make or break the sale for the next owner. Decide in advance if you will be selling soon and if so, you may want to rethink the polka dot tiles for the backsplash. If you do plan on staying, consider incorporating higher quality appliances and fixtures in your kitchen design to ensure that you don’t have to replace anything in your kitchen for a long time.

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