Condo living versus home living

inside a condo


Have you ever left for a long weekend or better yet for a week or two, but while you were away you are worried about the state of your home?

Perhaps the windows were broken or worse yet there was a water leak. When you got home, maybe nothing was wrong. What a relief that is. In this case, you were one of the lucky ones, but many others in similar situations were not so lucky.


Why not enjoy your vacations more by not worrying about the state of your residence?


With condo living, there is usually 24-hour security or a security gate at the entrance. Also, there is onsite maintenance personnel. This would be important if a water line has broken and the shutoff needs to be accessed. Also, in these types of situations usually a condo owner can expect a phone call from someone on the property to keep them informed.


All of this will help with your peace of mind and peace of mind, of course, is what you are seeking when you take a vacation after all.


4 Top reasons to choose a condo over traditional home ownership


Less yard work and overall home maintenance


Less yard work, less yard work, less yard work. What else needs to be said? This along with the outside maintenance is usually covered by your Home Owners Association or HOA. HOAs usually cover the outside areas of your dwelling as well as the common areas of the complex.

condo building




As mentioned before, most condo living communities have security. Security often comes in many forms such as with entrance and exit gates, security personnel and closed caption monitoring.


City living


Over the past several years, city living has become increasing popular for the young and old. Modern families are also choosing condos for their affordability as well.


City living offers proximity to shopping, cultural and community events as well as well as restaurants and entertainment.

Have your ever tried parking at a concert in the downtown area of your nearest large city? Why not take a bus instead?


Public transportation


busMost large cities offer great public transportation. Why not skip driving and hop the monorail, city bus or take a cab. You get the idea.

Have fun and enjoy your city living.



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