Best Considerations When Painting Your House Exterior

painted wall

Choosing house paint colors can be confusing and terrifying. If you decide on dull colors, your home will seem featureless and flat. When the colors are bold, they will overwhelm the architecture – but upset all the neighbors. Dunwoody Painting Contractors are great when it comes to general painting of both private and commercial buildings. See these outside paint ideas.


Honor history

colorful clothesIf you plan to paint an old home, you will maybe need to have a historically right color scheme. A pro can look at old paint chips to form the original color. You could also use a historic color code to choose shades that were used when your house was built.

Consider your neighbors

Paint house ideas could come from a next door house though do no copycat exactly. Select colors which will set your home apart, and not clash with neighboring buildings. Choose colors which coordinate with your surroundings.

Check the roof

Your house is like a canvas though not blank. There is already an establishment of colors, from the roof materials. The exterior side paints need not match the roof though they should be in harmony.

Borrow from nature

Lots of color ideas are from the landscape about your house. You could have vivid turquoises and blues in a beach setting. Exciting color combinations can be inspired by a front yard garden.

Light to increase size

Buildings look larger with light colors. White is the popular color in traditional classical architecture. A pale cream or white color can add your house dignity and size.

Discover color families

Colors which contrast will give attention to details of architecture. Extreme variations detract and class from details. Consider having one color family to be safe. Try to use a lighter or darker shade, for some accents instead of another color.

Strike a balance

You can get a lopsided appearance when you have on one side of your home, a burst of one color. Ensure you adjust color in the entire building. Other persons disagree with this though generally, you need to avoid extreme contrasts.

Dark for drama

Dark bands or dark siding will make your house look smaller and give attention to details. Use lighter tones to highlight details and dark shades to accent recesses, for exteriors. Paint looks lighter on larger surfaces thus consider dark shades selection.


Living room inspiration

Living room inspirationExterior colors have to harmonize with the interior. Your furnishing color will guide you on the interior paint colors. The interior paint colors, influence the outside color that you use.

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