All you need to know about rat infestation

white rat

Rats are among the most destructive pests you can have around your home. They not only cause property damage but also spread diseases. Once you notice a rat around your home or any sign that may signal the presence of rats, do not hesitate to take action. Otherwise, you can be sure of widespread property damage and spread of diseases. This article will highlight some of the key aspects to know about rat infestation. Read on for more insights.

Causes of rat infestationrat

Several things lead to rat infestation. One of the leading causes of rat infestation is poor sanitation. If you have scattered food, poorly stored garbage, or a general dirty atmosphere you cannot avoid having these creatures around your home. Other aspects that may contribute to rat infestation are staying in old wooden houses and staying next to an area under construction or renovation.

Signs of rat infestation

A number of aspects can show you signs rat infestation. If you are keen enough, you can notice their presence immediately after an infestation. A major indicator is the presence of droppings. If you see paper cuttings next to your kitchen or small bits of food on the floor, no doubt rats have infested your house. Additionally, if you hear scratching sounds along the ceiling or walls and small holes on the surfaces, this too might suggest possibilities of an infestation.

Rat control

Prevention of rat infestation is what you should always aim to achieve. This saves you from property damage and possibilities of spending on medical bills. Always make sure your house is clean, conduct frequent checks to be sure there are no rats, and keep garbage far from your house. However, in case you notice rats, even with all these measures you can consider hiring a pest control expert.

rat The importance of pest eradication

With no doubt, rat infestation is something you should consider investing in either once or twice in a year.  One of the main reason of rat eradication is that you save your property as these creatures can chew pipes, electric wires, and even wood. Rats are also a major cause of food contamination.

These animals are also known to spread a bacteria known as leptospirosis, which is a primary cause of jaundice, fever, headaches among other symptoms. This may cause serious medical complications if left untreated. Besides these, rats are one of the main causes of food contamination. Rats too can feed on some of your valuable properties such as clothes and important documents.

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